The Philanthropist International Network

A New Way of Giving... A New Way of Receiving...

The Problem

Majors Philanthropists have a complaint: Why doesn’t the average person step up to the plate and contribute his fair share? Well, it’s simple: If you are like the average person, you can’t contribute a lot and when you do contribute, it’s barely noticed.

Major contributors give millions to high profile institutions: universities, museums, hospitals, etc., while small community organizations are left having to scrounge around to keep afloat.

In many areas of the world there are not even any community organizations, for lack of education, organizational skills and, of course, money.

The Solution

A large pool of people, each giving a little, adds up to a lot: Crowdfunding. If we all contribute $50 a month to a pool of funds, and we get others to do the same, we can make a big difference every month.

Here’s an example: If you give $50 and you get 3 other people to give $50, that’s already $200. Which is not a lot. But if those 3 people, that you got to give $50, each get 3 people, who each get 3 people, for just 8 levels, that adds up to $163,800. Just by each of us getting 3 people to contribute.

If 10 people do the same, getting 3 people to get 3 people, etc., that would be $1,638,000 a month.

Now that might make a difference. Don’t you think?

Phinternet, the Philanthropist International Network, was set up for the sole purpose of solving this problem. But in order to get it off the ground, we need your support. Many people each contributing a little will make the difference between us succeeding, or, like many good ideas without initial funding, never even starting. Sound familiar?

Our Mission

To disseminate information and to enlighten the general public about the joys and benefits of philanthropy. We will accomplish this through the use of promotional materials, the Internet, Social Media, etc. 

To enlist the involvement of as many participants as possible and to encourage them to actively participate in the solicitation of donations from as large a segment of the general population as possible. This will be accomplished in the form of monthly monetary commitments. 

To distribute the funds collected to local, regional, national and international projects to be nominated for funding by individual contributors to PhIN.